The Online Applications are Now Available!

This is an exciting opportunity for the gifted identification process! To learn more about the gifted program & the process for identification, please visit

This online document will launch the process of gifted identification and contacting your GRT is highly suggested for tips and guidance through the process. Parent information forms will be due in November, for January’s testing, so it is important to begin conversation with your gifted resource teacher!

This year’s testing dates for LMS include: 

February 14, 2020 (1st Semester Testing) *Parent forms due Nov. 13th  

May 22, 2020 (2nd Semester Testing) *Parent forms due May 1st

Please contact Mrs. Cerja at with any interest regarding testing for identification.

Testing takes place at Lynnhaven Middle School. Several weeks prior, Mrs. Cerja meets with parents/guardians of applicants and communicates with the teachers. Completion of forms is a process that requires collaboration between parents/guardians, students, and their teachers. It is important that we work together to craft forms that paint a picture of the whole child! Results from testing are sent home to parents/guardians before the Gifted Resource Teacher is informed of results & they often appear in Parent Portal before the GRT (Gifted Resource Teacher) knows results as well.

It is recommended that you contact your gifted resource teacher, Mrs. Cerja, to acquire information about gifted testing and for a parent referral process. If you are interested in the testing process and/or about our gifted program, please contact Mrs. Cerja (room 301A) or via email at so that she can communicate with you, your student, and his/her teachers through the process.

The Gifted Testing Office is located at the Plaza Annex!  Their contact number is (757) 263-6870.